• homework
    Homework is given Monday through Thursday. Homework should not take more than 30 minutes for your child to complete. Parents, please check your child's homework each night.  Homework should be completed in pencil. Your child should return it the next morning in his/her Homework Folder.


    Here is my general schedule for Literacy
    Monday - List of current Unit's Fundations words and trick words.  These lists will be given at the beginning of each unit and include all the weeks of that unit.
    Please spell and practice the words each week of the unit. Monday Fundations Worksheet.
    Tuesday - Fundations trick words Review Page
    Wednesday - Review page for reading phonics skill taught or Fundations assignment.
    Thursday - Review of week's grammar skill or Fundations assignment
    Please allot a short time each night to review the week's spelling and trick
    There will be a math assignment Monday-Thursday.