• Washington Township Physical Education Curriculum

    K-2 PE Curriculum


    3-4 PE Curriculum


    5 PE Curriculum 

    What we do in a nutshell!

    A- adventure, aerobic, agility, air hockey, anaerobic, aquatic, archery,
    arrow, athlete, athletic, attitude, award

    B- backboard, badminton, balance beam, balance, baseball, basketball,
    bat, bean bag, bench, bilingual, billiards, board games, bocce,
    boomwhacker, bowling, box ball, bungee jumper

    C- cage, canoeing, cardiovascular, catcher, circulatory system,
    coach, commitment, competition, confidence, cooperate. cooperative,
    cooperation, confidence, CPR, cricket, croquet, cue, curl ups

    D- dance, darts, dash, demonstration, depth perception, the dreaded
    ball for some and not for others, dribbling, dribbe, dribbler, dumb

    E- earth ball, emotionally, emotions, endurance, enthusiasm, equipment,

    F- fencing, field hockey, fitness, flexibility, food groups, foosball,
    football, four square, frisbee, fun

    G- games, gator balls, glove, goalie, golf, gallop, galloping,

    H- hacky sack, half, handball, heart rate, helmet, hero, high jump,
    hockey, home run, hoops, hop, hopping, hopscotch, horseshoes, horseback
    riding, hula hoops, hurdle, hurdling,

    I- Individual, initiative, inning, instinct, instructor, integrity,

    J- jacks, jogging, juggling, jump, jumper, jump rope, jumping jacks

    K- kangaroo ball, kayaking, kick boards, kickball, kicking tee,
    kinesthetic, knee pads, kooshballs,

    L- lacross, ladders, leader, lifeguard, lockers, long jump, lummi

    M- manipulatives, mats, mechanics, medal, medicine ball, megaphone,
    modified games, mound, muscles, muscular, muscular strength, muscular

    N- natatorium, nerf balls, net, nutrition

    O- obstacle, official, Olympics, orienteering

    P- pacing, paddle ball, parachute, parallel bars, pass, pedometer,
    period, physical education, pickle ball, pinnies, pins, pitcher, pogo,
    pool, potato sacks, problem solving, puck, pulse

    Q- quarter, quarterback, quick, quiet

    R- race, racquet, racquet ball, rafting, recreation, referee, respect,
    responsibility, rink, rock climbing, roller skates, ropes, rugby, rules,

    S- sacks, sacrifice, safety, scooter, self esteem, shortstop, shot put,
    shuffle board, sit ups, skateboarding, skeletal system, skills, skip,
    skis, skiing, soccer, socialization, softball, spatial awareness,
    speedball, spinning, sports, sportsmanship, sprinter, stadium, stair
    climbers, start, steppers, sticks, strength, stretch, stretching, strke,
    striking, swim, swimming, swimmer

    T- taebo, tag, tape, target, teamwork, technique, tetherball, throw,
    throwing, timeout, tobacco free, touchdown, track, trampoline,
    trophy, tumble, tumbling

    U- ultimate frisbee, umpire, unicycle, utility ball, unique

    V- vault, velocity, vests(pinnies), volley, volleyball

    W- wallyball, warm ups, weights, whiffle ball, whistle, win, workout,

    X- x-ray

    Y- Yarn ball, yoga, youth, yo-yo

    Z- z-ball, zest, zip, z-puck, zwirl football