• All Freshman students will be required to complete three Marking Periods of Physical Education, and one Marking Period of Health Education. This school year, Physical Education will be held during the First, Third, and Fourth Marking Periods; Health Education will be held during the Second Marking Period.
    Red, white, and/or blue shirts and shorts, and proper sneakers are required for full participation in PE class. Being "Unprepared" for PE class (lack of proper attire or footwear) will result in a grade reduction. 
    Students will be addressed of the rules and regulations of the class in the beginning days of school, and will be expected to follow them. You can use this link to view the school-wide Physical Education Rules and Regulations.
    For one entire Marking Period of PE, students will be involved in Project Adventure.  Project Adventure is an exciting and intensive unit in which students will get the chance to climb on high- and low-ropes challenge courses, as well as participate in interactive and challenging group activities. The goals of this program are as follows:
    1. To increase the students' sense of personal confidence
    2. To increase mutual support within their groups
    3. To develop an increased level of agility and Physical Education
    4. To develop an increased joy to one's physical self and in being with others
    5. To develop an increased appreciation of the environment
    Students will be skill tested on rope skills (25 points)
    Students will be taking a written test (15 points)
    Students will be graded on participation, preparation, and attendance (60 points)