• Assignment books: Your child is required to bring this to school and take this book home daily including Friday. Please be sure to read and sign your child’s assignment book daily. Books will be checked for signatures. Feel free to write me a note in the book if needed. There will be times when I also write or attach a note to you in this book.


    Binders/folders: All classwork will be organized in the binder. The binders have been set-up and labeled. I will work with the children to teach them how to use a binder. Please do not clean out or remove any pages from your child’s binder. This will be done in school throughout the year in order to prevent papers that still may be needed from being discarded. One folder is the “Take Home/Bring Back” folder. This will be taken home daily and you may feel free to clean out the “Home” folder on a daily or weekly basis.

    I believe that students should be able to complete homework independently with minimal assistance. If you are noticing that this is not the case, please let me know IMMIDETELY! I will never give homework just for the sake of giving homework. Homework should be productive and reinforce skills being worked on in the classroom.  

    ·        will be assigned four nights; may include reading, written work i.e. a math worksheet, and studying

    ·         all assignments are due the following day unless stated otherwise. A one night emergency excuse will be given. Reasons might include illness, injury, or family emergencies. Extracurricular activities do not constitute an excuse. Please write me a note if this occurs.

    ·         Any assignment not completed within the given time will be graded as a 0% and will be completed during a recess period. Multiple 0's in a subject truly impact final grades! Please make sure work is being completed.

    ·          No work given on Friday except for reading for 20 minutes each day of the weekend.

    Sign –Return papers/ Tests:

    ·         Typically given out on Friday of each week.

    ·         Please sign and return these by Monday of the following week. All tests must be signed and returned.