Welcome to Class! Class Information

    **Remember to see and sign your child's assignment book each night.

    **Students need sneakers for P.E. on Monday.

    **Text books should be covered. This will protect the book, and reduce the risk of a fine for damages.

    **Your child should be prepared with all necessary supplies each day. Daily supplies include an assignment book, an 8 pocket folder with a pocket for each subject, a pencil pouch with earbuds, and homework jobs.

    **You may wish to check your child's cafeteria account to make sure money is available to them for purchasing lunch.

    **If your child is in Orchestra, lessons are Thursday. Please check the schedule on Wednesday night to see the time of your child's lesson the next day. It is helpful to make a note of the time in their assignment book.  

    **Remember to check Power School to monitor your child's current grades.

    **The TJ School Wide Discipline Policy is in effect.