• Grade 8 Language Arts Course Overview

    1) Grammar: Weekly Edits - Ten sentences to be edited, revised, and rewritten correctly. Monday -Thursday
                        : Grammar mini-units - syllabus system with text and packet activities 
    2) Vocabulary: Bi-weekly (two lessons) with workbook activities and Bonus worksheet. Test every other Friday. (Sadlier Vocabulary)
    3) Writing: Writing lessons based on genre (narrative, memoir, persuasive/argumentative, etc.) Writer's Notebook, models, and guidelines for writing included.
    4) Reading 
    5) Homework: see Teacher Page
    Grade Categories and Percentages 
    Homework 15%
    Participation/Collaboration 20%
    Major assessments/Activities 35%
    Minor Assessments/Activities 30% 
    Primary Resources
    1) Glencoe Literature
    2) Glencoe Writer's Choice
    3) Sadlier Vocabulary Grade 8 (online program); hard copies available