• Class Rules


    Class Expectations

    ·         1.  Be in class, prepared and seated, when the bell rings.

    ·         2.  Listen attentively, follow directions, and engage in the lesson.

    ·         3.  Ask questions when concepts are not clear, request extra help when needed.  

    ·         4.  Keep an organized notebook.

    ·         5.  Lavatory usage is permitted first 5 minutes/last 5 minutes of class.


    Absence Procedures

         If you are absent from class due to illness, or for other reasons, it is your responsibility to make up missed work.  There is a sample binder provided in the back of the classroom if you need it for reference.  You are responsible for all missed work during your absence. Please see me if you have questions!

    Classroom & Binder Procedures

         When entering the classroom, first, copy the agenda from the sample binder located on the front board ledge (classwork, homework, textbook page numbers, etc.) Then, look in the “Extra Copies” Folders on the front bulletin board (if you were absent and take a copy of any worksheet described in the table of contents, then complete the assignment in the appropriate time alloted).  Every assignment is placed in the example binder in chronological order. If you have missed a quiz or test or a deadline for a project, immediately ask to set up a time to make up the assessment.  Failure to make up work on a timely basis will result in a “0"for the missed work/assessment.


    “Raising the Bar”

          In an effort to encourage student accountability, school districts throughout New Jersey are adopting policies that foster student success and positive effort.  The following guidelines are expected to be followed:


    1.  Students will bring all required materials to class.  No return trips to lockers to get missing materials.


    2.  Students must be in class on time.  If students are delayed, they must have a pass.


    3.  Students are to be organized.  They are expected to write assignments in a planner/assignment book, and have a specific place (binder, folder, notebook) for notes, homework, etc.


    4.  Homework is due on the date assigned.  Homework will not be accepted late*.  Homework may be given on weekends. (*Teacher discretion.)


    5.  Projects (graded assignments) are due on the date assigned.  Projects lose a letter grade for each day late.  After five (5) days, a zero (0) will be given.  A maximum grade of 50 may be given after five days at teacher discretion.


    6.  Vacations - Teachers will give students a rough idea of what will be missed including anything already planned.