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    Grammar Words




     The Year at a Glance

    Marking Period 1 (8/30/17-11/3/17)

    ◦Narrative Unit consisting of short stories to review literary elements.

    ◦Major writing piece will be a fiction story.


    Marking Period 2 (11/6/17 – 1/26/18)

    ◦Literary Analysis Unit consisting of short stories, poems, and novel.  An essay analyzing literary features such as theme, mood, and figurative language will be developed throughout the unit. 


    Marking Period 3 (1/29/18 – 4/6/18)

    ◦Informational Text Unit consisting of expository as well as persuasive/argumentative text.  Students will construct a well-developed argumentative essay.


    Marking Period 4 (4/9/18 – 6/?)

    ◦Research Unit.  This unit will consist of reading The Diary of Anne Frank and researching a topic related to that time period.  Students will construct a research paper. 


    Every day students will have a daily "warm - up".  This will consist of grammar, vocabulary,
     and journal writing exercises.  Sometimes it may just be a 5-minute prep-time for a quiz or test.

    Some weeks the focus of our class is writing and other weeks it will be reading.  We will incorporate grammar lessons into our writing lessons.  There may be occasions when some grammar lessons will be taught in isolation from the writing.

    There is also a lot of emphasis placed on our vocabulary curriculum.  We will study lessons in pairs (example Sets A & B).  The vocabulary lessons we will be using is an online program developed by Sadlier called Vocabulary Workshop - Archive.  Each week there will be a variety of practice and reinforcement lessons with deadlines attached. Testing of the lesson pairs is usually every other Friday (there may be exceptions - the students are always told in advance).