Science Corner

    This week, we will continue to learn about the ocean and how it truly is our greatest natural resource. We’ll discover the ways that the ocean impacts our weather, shapes our shoreline, and provides us with what we need to sustain life on Earth. We will also begin working on an oceanography project, which will be assigned soon. More details will come home soon about that.



    Math Spotlight


    This week, we will continue to explore decimals. We’ll spend time discovering how to add and subtract decimals using different methods. We’ll also explore how to carry that over to adding and subtracting money amounts. Finally, we will continue to practice our times tables so that we could become more fluent, and will also continue working with both the Prodigy and ConnectEd Math websites.


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    **Report Cards – Tuesday


    **Township Tuesday

    **Book Fair – This Week


    **Elements Trip - Thursday


    **Recycled Markers


    **School Counselor’s Week