Pearson Online textbook

Pearson Interactive Science Custom Integrated Edition

  • Science textbooks are to come to class everyday.  Most notes and HW will be in the book.  This is YOUR book.  Write and highlight right in it! Cover your text if you need to. My suggestion is contact paper or packing tape.  


    ************STUDENT LOG IN INFORMATION*************

    • Log onto PowerSchool
    • Click "my Calendar" on the bottom of the menu on the left
    • Click "Easy Bridge Access" that now appears on the bottom left
    • Click "Pearson Realize" on the right side menu
    • Select Science from the green program menu (on the left)

    To Access the Text, follow the above instructions, then...

    • click the first menu option.  (It's a blue and white book symbol)
    • Click "Open in New Window"
    • if given multiple text option, Select "Custom Integrated Grade 6"