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    Feel free to contact me for additional support and/or call our HELP DESK.
    Where to go for additional support and help... 
    Teacher Resources
    on my webpage for HELP Cards and video tutorials from Schoolwires.
    The How Do I…? tab in site manager 
    when working in Site Manager you have access to all of Schoolwires help materials in the site workspace on the How Do I tab. The left side of the window houses short articles to help you quickly accomplish a specific task. The center section of the window offers a variety of short and detailed video tutorials. The right side of the window offers a variety of documents available to view online or print.

    visit the Help Center channel, select Teacher persona, select Centricty2 Website. The search on this page provides links to Schoolwires print and video help materials and also recommends related resources that may be helpful. It works best when you use one keyword.

    Twitter & other social media 

     provides tips, tricks and links to help resources when you follow Schoolwires social media.