Wan (2000) shares with us that:

    Research indicates that reading prepares the mind, nurtures the spirit and educates the soul. It is one of the most influential factors which parents and teachers can offer children. Reading aloud to young children offers them a legacy of cognizance and creativity. Story-reading plays an important role in children’s learning (p. 6). 

                            Wan, G. (2000). Reading aloud to children: The past, the present and the future. Reading
                            Improvement, 37(4), 1-15.

    Retrieved from: http://ehis.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.rowan.edu


    Arnold and Colburn (2006) share:

                           “It’s easier for children to read words they have already heard” (p. 26).
                            Reading aloud to children initiates this process. 
                            Arnold, R., & Colburn, N. (2006). It’s a gift to be fancy. School Library Journal. July.

                           Additionally, reading aloud to children “conditions the child’s brain to associate reading with
                           pleasure, creates background knowledge, builds vocabulary, and provides a reading role
                           model” (p. 4). 
                          Trelease, J. (2006). The Read-Aloud Handbook. New York: Penguin Books. 
                 Mem Fox (2008) tells us:
                            Read-aloud sessions are times when parents and children fall in love with each other.
                            Parents who read aloud regularly to their children get to know their kids well and dote
                            on them more because the things little kids say and do during a read-aloud are so funny
                            and adorable. People who tell me they haven't got time to read every day for ten
                            minutes make me choke. We have to make time. After all, it's fun! It's hilarious!
                            It's gorgeous! (p. 179). 
                            Reading aloud to our sons and daughters also helps them to learn the best kinds of universal
                            values, which will help them grow into being pleasant children now, and good citizens later.
                            It advances their speech, enlarges their brain, makes them happy, and helps them to be
                            successful at school and in life. It also gives them sky-high self-esteem. 
                            They realize that we love them dearly. (Fox, 2008, p. 180) 
                            Fox, M. (2008). Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change
                           Their Lives Forever. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.