•      Kitty Kat        The New Jersey State Bar offers Law Adventure, a free mock trial activity open to public and private schools. This program is specifically designed for seventh and eighth grade students. It goal is to “promote student understanding of the law and our justice system” in two parts:

    ×          A Contest

    ×          Various Programs

    Contest Rules:

    1. Each Mock Trial must have two witnesses for each side, two for the prosecution/plaintiff and two for the defense. Witnesses must be listed as either prosecution witness or defense witnesses.

    2. You must develop a case for one of the two topic: First Amendment/Consumer Fraud. 

       Please click on the link below for a prezi on the Mock Trial. 

      Please click the link below to access the Mock Trial Rules Booklet.      

    All Mock Trials are to be made using google docs, no exceptions.    

    Click here for the 2017-2018 rule booklet

    Mock Trial Prezi- General Overview of Topics

    Civil Vs. Criminal Cases-