• Keep Calm

    Reading and Writing: 

    Wit and Wisdom is the Grade 4 ELA Program. Every text that we use is authentic literature. We will use these texts to learn reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary. Students will read books they love and build knowledge of important topics and master literacy skills. 

    Four modules will be covered this year: 

    • Module 1: A Great Heart 

    Students will examine the complexity of the human heart. Not only is it a biological wonder, it is also a symbol of human caring. What does it mean to think with our hearts? How do people demonstrate “great heart? What can we do to have healthy hearts? 

    • Module 2: Extreme Settings 

    Gary Paulson writes in Hatchet, “You are your most valuable asset. Don’t forget that. You are the best thing you have.” This quote epitomizes the importance of perseverance, tenacity, creativity, and knowledge in the face of adversity. Students explore the challenges presented by extreme environments, examining the characteristics of setting and analyzing what makes certain landscapes challenging for survival. 

    • Module 3: The Redcoats Are Coming! 

    Paul Revere’s words will forever be associated with the start of the revolution that, when it was done, freed a people and their nation: The United States of America. There is no more essential story for young citizens than that of the American Revolution. Studying the events and heroes of this era will advance literacy skills while building historical knowledge. 

    • Module 4: Myth Making 

    Through the lens of a masterful contemporary novel inspired by Greek mythology, this module explores the relevance of Greek mythology and the power of stories that convey important life lessons.  


    Reading Homework:  

    1. (This will begin October 1.)Your child will be required to read 20 minutes (or more) a night from Monday through Friday for the rest of the year. Your child should be reading any book that they choose that is on or near his/her reading level (which can be found in the front of the assignment book). In turn, they will receive a grade based on the amount of minutes that they read.   For example: 


    400+ minutes 


    375-399 minutes 


    350-374 minutes 


    325-349 minutes 


    324 minutes or lower 


    The Reading log can be found in the  Assignment Book. Please write the amount of minutes read and initial daily. We will be asking the children questions about the book they read for accountability. If your child does not read, do NOT sign the log. We will collect the calendars on the last day of each month. Please total the amount of minutes read for the month and write it at the bottom of the page. If a calendar is late, points will be deducted. If no calendar is turned in, your child will receive a 0. If you have not initialed each day that is read, no credit will be given. 

    1. Reading class homework will also be given and expected to be returned the following day. Please feel free to check your child’s work and have them make corrections before it is returned. It can always be turned in early. All HW is due on time. If it is late, 10 points will be deducted each day. This will be written in the assignment book. 



    Spelling activities are completed daily with a weekly quiz on the last day of the week (usually Friday, but could be Thursday). Students are given an opportunity to use and learn the words in class, but if it is not completed then at home practice is encouraged. All word lists, test dates and activities will be in the folder and assignment book that should be brought home, but returned to school daily. 



    Please access Power School weekly on wtps.org to check your child’s grades. 


    If you have any questions pertaining to this class, please feel free to ask. 


    Mrs. Kratz