• · Reading instruction is comprised of whole group instruction as well as small group instruction. Your child will
    be ability-grouped so that he/she will receive targeted instruction specific to his/her needs.
    · Your child will receive a reading calendar each month and he/she is required to readfor at least 15 minutes a day, during the school week. You must initial in the reading block and put the minutes read, in order for your child to receivecredit. Calendars will be turned in on the last school day of the month.


    ·         Fundations is designed to teach students the structure of our English language.  By learning the structure of the words they use strategies to spell words.

    ·         Fundation Homework lists are used to be a guide for you and the list will also help your child practice the skills for the Fundation Unit Tests.  They are not expected to just memorize a list of words (except for “trick” words and “sound alike” words)


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