• For students in the Intermediate II, Advanced and AP levels of German, there is an option to receive college credit while taking the course in high school. 
    Open the brochure below for more information.
    Students must a) maintain a B average in the class 2) apply to Camden County College for Dual Credit by the deadline and 3) pay the application fee for these credits. 
    Click on the linked attachments below for more information.
    What is dual credit?  How do I get it?  Am I eligible?
    Form for application.  Please print, and submit by the December 1st, 2015
    Include all the necessary information and send the check into your teacher or the Guidance office with your payment.
    What courses are available for Dual Credit?  What course at CCC is this equivalent to?
    For further information, feel free to email me or Johnathan Strout in the Guidance office.