• Welcome to 5th Grade Math!

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    Written and/or online homework can be expected M-Th and will be given credit based on completion. Students must show work to receive credit! Students are encouraged to check their answers using the Family Letter that is provided at the beginning of each unit. Please check and sign assignment book each night and look for any notes from teachers. Students are responsible for work that is missed due to absence, band/orchestra lesson, etc. Click here to access the homework calendar.
    ConnectED is the online component to the curriculum. Students have login information taped into their assignment books and Math Journals. You can access HomeLink HW assignments, select journal pages and answers to HW, as well as information about that day’s lesson and skill-building games.
    Students must know their multiplication facts 0-12! This is the foundation of 5th grade math and one of the most important factors to students' success. Quizzes will be given weekly on a specific times table up to 12. 
    Thank You! 

    Most importantly, we need your help! Please check and sign assignment books daily and review HW answers. Powerschool is updated frequently and will give you a glimpse into how they’re doing. I also encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. We could not do this without you!

    Below are some resources that will help your child become more proficient with multiplication facts!

    Online Flashcards

    Printable Multiplication Quizzes




    District Suggested Grade Weights (Math)

         Unit Tests                                                                   40%

         Quizzes, Open-Ended, State Test Practice               30%                                

         Classwork, Participation, Math Fact Mastery             20%

            Home Practice                                                          10%