Courses of Study


    1. Ensemble Technique
    • Demonstrate and build upon your understanding of following a conductor and conducting gestures.
    • Perform in a variety of ensemble settings, such as small and large groups, and learn how to function and play expressively in each setting.
    1. Instrumental Technique
    • Through instruction, students will strive to develop the proper physical characteristics necessary to successfully play a string instrument.
    • Students will demonstrate how to sit and/or stand with their respective instrument, maintain a relaxed and proper playing position, and demonstrate proper position, as instructed, of both the left and right hand when playing the instrument.
    • Students will develop their tone and understand how the right and left hands effect the tone (sound) they produce on their respective instrument.
    • Students will learn how to care for their instruments and how the care and maintenance of their instrument effects their tone production and ease of playing the instrument.
    1. Music Literacy
    • Students will demonstrate and build upon their knowledge of musical symbols, notation, and the musical elements through performance of musical pieces as well as assessments.
    1. Critical Listening
    • Students will develop age appropriate listening skills.
    • Students will work to develop critical listening skills during performance and will work to make adjustments to their dynamics, pitch, balance, blend, and articulation.
    • Students will assess recorded pieces of music for their use of the elements of music.
    1. Music History
    • Learn about various musical time periods, composers, artists, musical works, and cultures.
    1. Performance Etiquette
    • Understand and demonstrate proper performance behaviors and practices and listening behaviors.