• The starting time for the WINTER CONCERT is 7pm.  All Band students are to arrive by 6:15pm and report to the HS Cafeteria C/D in Core of  the High School.  Enter through the FRONT OF THE THEATER AND MAKE A RIGHT DOWN THE HALLWAY UNTIL YOU SEE THE VENDING MACHINES ON THE LEFT.  YOU HAVE ARRIVED. 

    We will follow the same warm up and tune up routine that we will use at all performances.  There will be only 30 minutes of warm up time.  Immediately after we are finished in the warm up room, we will walk to the auditorium.  All students will PUT their instruments and their cases in the dressing room off stage and take their seats in the auditorium. All students will be seated together in the auditorium for the performance by the BHMS   Chorus and Orchestra.    Everyone (no exceptions) will listen to the Chorus, and Orchestra as they perform and please be attentive and polite. 


    As soon as the orchestra is finished the set up crew and the percussionists will QUIETLY!!!! Set up the stage.  Set up needs to be completed in about 4 minutes.  Only when I tell you, will everyone take his or her place on stage.   


    AFTER we perform, ALL Chorus, and Orchestra members will take their places for our combined finale of   Our HOLIDAY SING A LONG. 


    NOTE:  DRESS FOR THE CONCERT is black Dress Pants or Skirt (please be careful of length) and a white dress shirt or blouse.  Please wear dress shoes.  Beware of school policy concerning skirts and tops, and dress appropriately. 


    VERY IMPORTANT:  Leave your cell phones at home.  No cell phones in the auditorium. 

    Let’s give our best performance tomorrow evening for your family and friends. 


     Mr. Tecce 







    All students participating in the 9 week Exploratory Arts cycle will still receive a Marking Period grade for Band.  You also play an important part in all musical activities.  NOTE:  Cycle students are responsible for attending all weekly small group lessons, any playing assignments, practicing and filling out on-line home practice forms as well as attending after school rehearsals, and performances.  They will be graded accordingly, minus, the class participation grade.  Missing rehearsals and not attending lessons could impact a student’s eligibility to accompany the Band on any Music Trips the band might take.


      REHEARSAL      15% OF GRADE


    Attendance at all after school rehearsals is Mandatory.  Absences other than for illness, death in the family, or a major religious holiday cannot be accepted.  NOTE: Students are asked NOT to schedule family engagements or elective medical appointments (such as orthodontist, etc) on a rehearsal day, as these are not excused absences.  Please be advised that intramural sports or school clubs will not be an excuse for missing a rehearsal.   If I know well in advance,  I will try to work out this conflict with the club advisor, when possible.

    NOTE:  Missing rehearsals and not attending lessons could impact a student’s eligibility to accompany the Band on any Music Trips the band might take.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE:  All problems or concerns should be communicated to Mr. Tecce BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN, through written notes/e mails or phone calls at least 24 hours PRIOR to the rehearsal.  PLEASE do not hand me a note the DAY OF rehearsal!!!


    Part of  being  in a music class and on a MUSIC TEAM involves rehearsals and performances at times other than school time.  It is imperative that all team members be present for these events, as an absence of even one performer can make a big difference in the success experienced by the whole group.




    CONCERTS ARE FINAL EXAMS!   Performances are MANDATORY.  It is a “Group Final” involving an individual grade as well as a group grade.  The individual grade is attained through performance finals taken by the students either prior to or immediately after a performance. 

    The individual testing criteria is that the student will be able to perform his/her part, in tempo, independent of the group.  The criteria for the group grade will be judged according to the quality of the ensemble’s performance.



    7th & 8th Grade Band 

    What                              When                                         Time/LocationWinter Concert      Thursday December 13, 2018         7pm/ IBPAC 

    Spring Concert        Wednesday May 8, 2019                 7pm/ IBPAC 

    Music Festival   trip     Friday   May 17, 2019                   TBA 


    Note:    TBA  January concert with the HS