Fine Motor

Fine Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor is small movement of the hand. Strong fine motor skills are crucial when learning to write. If you would like to help your child strengthen his/her skills at home, here are some suggestions:

    •          Cut pictures out of newspapers or magazines. You can take a large black marker and draw a line around the picture to give a guideline.
    •          Have your child put together small beads, Lego’s, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, etc.
    •          Knead Play dough or clay. Build objects with them.
    •          Hide small objects in the Play dough and have your child find them.
    •          Play pegboard games.
    •          Gather small objects from around the house (small buttons, beads, etc), place them in a container and have your child pick them up off the              floor with a pair of tweezers and place them back in the container.
    •          Play with any toys that contain manipulation of small pieces
    •          Let your children squirt water bottle outdoors on the sidewalk. Colored water looks great on the snow.
    •          Use a meat baster and have a cotton ball race across the table with your child.
    •          Use small marshmallows and toothpicks to form letters.
    •          String popcorn, buttons and beads to make necklaces.
    •          Have your children clip clothespins to a container.
    •          Have children lace cards.