• Computer and Financial Literacy 8 

    I am Mrs. Bodine and I am your child’s Computer and Financial Literacy 8 teacher for this marking period.  I look forward to teaching your child the advanced techniques within the Microsoft Office 2016 suite of programs and the many topics within the personal financial literacy standards.  

    In Computer and Financial Literacy 8 I present each new financial unit sequentially. The units within the 8.1 and 9.1 standards for the 8th grade are Educational Technology, Money Management, Credit and Debt Management, Planning, Saving and Investing, Becoming a Critical Consumer, Civic Financial Responsibility, Risk Management and Insurance, and Income and Careers.  After I introduce each unit of study, we use a computer application to reinforce the topic of discussion using an appropriate Microsoft program or website on the Internet. In this way students are learning both the financial component of the course and the computer literacy component of the course in the short period of time we are together.

    I introduce each new topic and demonstrate each new concept in class. I always give the students plenty of class time to complete the assignment with my help and guidance.  All Computer and Financial Literacy 8 assignments must be completed in my classroom and under my supervision.  On Fridays I usually begin the class by giving each student a progress report printout from my grade bookThese printouts will come home to you with your child every week to keep you informed of their progress.  If you see your child is falling behind, remind them to come in on Thursday after school for extra help.  I stay every Thursday after school to help students with difficult concepts. If your child is absent during the week, it is important for him or her to stay late on Thursday afternoon in order to stay current with the topic of study and on course for a good grade. 

    You will find the Computer and Financial Literacy 8 proficiencies and the student/parent Computer Lab Safety Lesson and Internet Agreement on its own tab within this website.  Please carefully read and sign the Safety Lesson that we complete as a class, fill out your contact information on the back (both phone and email), and have your child return the completed lesson to me as soon as possible at the beginning of the marking period.

    Should you need to get in touch with me, the best and quickest way to reach me is by email at cbodine@wtps.org, or you may call and leave a voice mail message at (856) 582-3535 ext. 5527. 

    Thank you, I look forward to working with your child this year.


    Mrs. Bodine

    Orchard Valley Middle School

    Computer and Financial Literacy 8