• Computer and Financial Literacy 6                                     

    I am Mrs. Bodine, and I am  your child’s Computer Literacy teacher for this semester at Orchard Valley Middle School.  I look forward to teaching your child to use the computer and its various programs.  During the first marking period we will learn to use the Microsoft Office programs of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and some coding in Microworlds.  We will also learn some new techniques while doing multimedia projects in online programs such as Weebly and Glogster. Within many of these lessons we will  be using Microsoft Internet Explorer to search the web for information and pictures.  In the second marking period we will be incorporating Financial Literacy lessons while utilizing the various computer programs.  Our units of study for the two marking periods are: Money Management, Credit and Debt Management, Planning, Saving and Investing, Becoming a Critical Consumer, Civic Financial Responsibility, Risk Management and Insurance, Income and Careers, and the programs within Educational Technology. 

    We will be moving along quickly to cover all of these important topics.  Your child will be given an assignment almost every day in class and he or she will be expected to complete it in the amount of time specified by each project.  I build extra time into my lesson plan for both completing unfinished assignments, and for extra practice.  If your child feels he or she may need additional computer time, I stay after school every Thursday afternoon. There is an after school sign-up sheet in my classroom.

    There may be times when we will need to be in contact with each other.   I would like to hear from you if you have any concerns about your child’s progress or any aspect of our computer literacy/financial literacy program.  The quickest way to reach me is by e-mailing me at cbodine@wtps.org.   You may also reach me by calling the school at (856) 582-3535 extension 5527 and leaving a voice mail message. 

    Thank you.  I look forward to teaching your child this year.


    Mrs. Bodine

    Orchard Valley Middle School

    Computer Literacy

    Financial Literacy