Keyboarding 6


    I look forward to teaching your child Keyboarding and how to touch type. We are together in Keyboarding for just one marking period so we will move along quickly.  By the end of the course your child should be able to type all the 26 letters, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl, Enter, Hyphen, Quotations, Comma, Period, Question Mark and the Backspace keys without looking at their fingers.  The students are graded on their completed alphabetic lessons, timed Speed and Accuracy Assessments, and Practice Library along with typing technique, class participation and attitude. We have one keyboard diagram test towards the end of the marking period on key placement and six speed and accuracy assessments spaced within the twenty-two alphabetic course lessons. There is a pre-test and a post-test to ascertain growth and acquired skill level.

    The program we use at Orchard Valley is BE Publishing's Edutyping.our child will be assigned a new lesson in class each day and is expected to complete it.  Although there is plenty of class time to complete each daily lesson in class, the program can be accessed at home to complete any unfinished lesson and for daily practice.  Students may come up to Computer Lab 225 during lunch/study hall to complete Keyboarding lessons or just to practice.


    I encourage you to monitor your child’s typing at home. In class they are required to type with their backs straight, their feet flat on the floor, their eyes on their copy or computer, and their fingers on the correct keys without looking down at the keyboard. We cover the keys at school, but there are always a few who try to peek. Please remind your child not to look down at their fingers at home. The more they practice, the better they will type and the easier the lessons will become.  Students need to practice at least 10 minutes at home each day to both reinforce and master this important skill.


    You can reach me by e-mail at cbodine@wtps.org or by calling the school at (856) 582-5353 extension 5825 and leaving a voice mail message.


     I look forward to teaching your child this marking period.




    Mrs. C. Bodine