• Top-It

    Getting ready to play:

    •          Use a deck of regular playing cards removing face cards & jokers.
    •          Aces will be worth 1.
    •          2 or 3 players


    A player shuffles the cards and places the deck number-side down on the playing surface. Each player picks a card. The highest number wins. In case of a tie, each player picks another card and the highest number wins all of the cards.

    When all of the cards have been picked, the player with the most cards wins OR each players may turn over all of his/her cards and continue playing.

    Top-It variations

    1.      Lowest number wins.
    2.      Draw two cards and make a 2 digit number.
    3.      Draw two cards and add the numbers to find the sum.


    Getting Ready to Play

    1.      Use a checker board, counters & a die
    2.      2 players


    The first players rolls the die and places that many counters on the board. Play continues until the board is full.

    Penny Cup

    Getting Ready to Play

    •          You need 10 pennies and a non-breakable cup
    •          If this game proves too difficult, play the game with 5 pennies.
    •          2 Players


    Player A hides his/her eyes. The Player B covers some of the pennies with the cup but leaves some of the pennies visible. Player A tries to guess how many pennies are hidden under the cup. Now Player B gets to hide his/her eyes and Player A hides the pennies.