This year we are working on...

  • 1st Grade - Tempera Trees, Clay Pinch Pots, Birds of Color, Mona Lisa in a Pretty Dress, Jim Dine HEARTS!, J. Pollack Abstract, Batik, Watercolor Flowers with Mosaic Vase, Primary Geometric/Secondary Organic Collages

    2nd Grade - Blue Moon Pumpkins, Pop Cupcakes, Clay Vases, Rousseau Jungle Cats, Birches Birch Trees, Alphabet Art, Matisse Interior

    3rd Grade - Radial Designs, Silhouette Trees, Roller Coaster Art, Clay Coil Desk Cups, Starry Night

    4th Grade - VanGogh Sunflowers, Stamp Prints, Clay Picture Frames, Self on a Shelf, Line Sunsets, Matisse Collage

    5th Grade - Cubist Portraits, Embossed Plates, Scream eith a Twist, O'Keeffe Flowers, Clay Beach People, Disney Animation!

    Art Club - Clay Leaf Plates, Embossed Gold/Silver Designs, Paper Sculptures


    More to come...

    Ask you children to tell you about their art projects!