•                Composer Project~Grade 5, February - April


    **This project will be discussed in the month of February, with every 5th. Grade class, in addition to a paper being sent home for parents to view. If there are any questions, please fell free to contact me.


    Dear Fifth Grade Parents,
                    The Fifth Grade is about to engage on a “Composer” project that will be conducted, discussed, monitored and worked on in my classroom over a 8 week period of time-equivalent to a Middle School cycle/class. This particular format is discussed and distributed in the Science/Music Appreciation/ History and Literacy classes at Chestnut Ridge.  This project is Cross-Curricular and will include the following subject areas; Literacy, Technology, Geography/Social Studies, Art, Library and “always”- Music with performance.
                    All responsibilities will be distributed throughout the group; one job for each, so the approach is gentle, but yet comprehensive for every child to ready themselves for a successful performance.

    **I work with each GROUP on a weekly basis~NO work is to be completed at home, with the exception of bringing in their information from the internet, poster, or props for the final presentation. I also allow the Fifth Graders to come in during 'rainy' recess days; they have the opportunity to come in the Music room on Tuesday and Friday to work on their project with their group or a partner. I like to provide the same tasks they will experience in middle and high school. The goal is to provide every opportunity for organized learning, yet, have fun along the way.

    **This project is derived through the Music Curiculum, crossing standards with Social Studies, ELA, Library Media, Computer Sciences, Art and Music.  

    A Composer, based on the group’s decision, will be chosen and the following will set our stage for their performance
    *Each student, in the group, will choose “ONE “of the following:

    -Bring in a poster board, crayons, pictures for their composer
    -A listening example for that particular Composer-
          **I will be demonstrating and showing sites on the Short-Throw projector for this particular task  -          ALSO, they may choose a listening example from ‘YouTube’, and I will play the selected piece during their      presentation
    **-Suggested, a Library/Resource book about the Composer. Barnes and Noble may also be a helpful source-No Purchase is required~ they may choose a book – write down information (Title/Author/Copyright /Publisher) and some information that is sufficient~
    -An Internet Source about the Composer(ALL sites are also used in ‘Computers’…I will discuss, demonstrate and present great sites to help with their research.(Each person in the group are asked to print for a specified area)
    *Childhood    *Adult life     *Influences     *Fun Facts that Jump     *Group opinion(Subjective)

    *biographies.com            about.com          yahooligans.com

    -Writing the “final” draft; 1 copy for the group, based on ‘all’ the questions discussed and researched during Music.
    -10 questions allotted for an oral presentation/on index cards based on the research from the 5 paragraph essay 
    -Props for the ‘final’ presentation.

    **Each group may choose their own approach for
    presenting their project: -Game show, Play,  Time Machine or  whatever enters their passage for creativity

    Each group is asked to have a ‘LARGE’(Dollar Store, or a recycled gift bag is just fine) to store their materials in my room rather than transporting them on a weekly basis. This will be due the first week when the project begins 

    This project is a wonderful way to engage your child in performance, creativity,helpful procedures for all subject areas-for further education. 


    Please feel free to contact me at any time: pdigianivittorio@wtps.org

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful  year!