• Please NOTE:
    **Updates for extending this project are made weekly. If anyone chooses to explain one area of  the "additional information"below, in a 5 paragraph essay, please edit your information and you will recieve extra credit! 
    Please explore over the next couple of weeks, information about your composer:
    • Childhood, Adultlife, Facts that Jump, Influences
    • During this time; weeks of  
    • This project is continued through MAY 2020-you "may" write out any information. 
    • Please send/or video a brief synopsis of your composer to Mrs.D. 



    Helpful Reminders

     Additional Information~

    • A list of pieces your composer wrote...What is your favorite and WHY?...Listen to examples on YouTube
    • What are the most famous pieces used?...if they did film score, Which is your favorite and WHY? 
    • Awards?(how many), facts that you would never imagine?(great for your audience during the presentation)


    Here are some helpful sites for your Project:
    *Always start on GOOGLE~it is your "Main Highway"
    dsokids.org...('Dallas Symphony Orchestra')
    sfskids.com...('San Francisico Symphony')
    nyphilkids.com...('New York Philharmonic')