• Preparing for the Presentation:
    March - April 2020
    • Continue working on Childhood, Adultlife, Facts and Influences - 
    • You may continue your research at home and bring in additional information
    • The next phase would be to draw a "blueprint" of what the stage(Front of the Classroom) would look like during the 10 question presentation for the performance; gameshow or interview.  This process is called "stage mapping"-a basic guideline to creating an idea of what key questions are valid for your audience, and how you and your group would like to share your research. Remember your most valid ideas and what you want them to take away from your performance. 
    Large shopping bag to keep ALL materials in the Music room for your convenience - Mrs. D. will provide the folder and handouts for every group~ 
    Poster - ANY color
    *crayons, markers, pictures(each pic is no bigger than a regular print out and cannot be any smaller than HALF a page)
    *construction paper or any other designing material- No GLITTER~
    Index Cards-
    *for project presentation
    Library Source~(ONLY CHOOSE ONE)
    *either photocopy a page or two from a reference book(a book that you cannot take out of the library) and don't forget T A C P ~
    *sign a book out of the library
    *Barnes' and Noble~Write on a tablet a couple of lines from a book about your composer and T A C P it~
    Computer Information(Each person in the group picks one )-2-4 pages printed is fine~
    *Facts that 'Jump Out'
    Listening Example-(Choose ONE)
    *you may provide a CD, Download on iTunes or you and the group can listen to a an example from 'YouTube' and Mrs. D. will play your choice during the final reading of your research~ 
     Last Stage- (A week before)
    *Props for the performance