• Large shopping bag to keep ALL materials in the Music room for your convenience - Mrs. D. will provide the folder and handouts for every group~ 
    Poster - ANY color
    *crayons, markers, pictures(each pic is no bigger than a regular print out and cannot be any smaller than HALF a page)
    *construction paper or any other designing material- No GLITTER~
    Index Cards-
    *for project presentation
    Library Source~(ONLY CHOOSE ONE)
    *either photocopy a page or two from a reference book(a book that you cannot take out of the library) and don't forget T A C P ~
    *sign a book out of the library
    *Barnes' and Noble~Write on a tablet a couple of lines from a book about your composer and T A C P it~
    Computer Information(Each person in the group picks one )-2-4 pages printed is fine~
    *Facts that 'Jump Out'
    Listening Example-(Choose ONE)
    *you may provide a CD, Download on iTunes or you and the group can listen to a an example from 'YouTube' and Mrs. D. will play your choice during the final reading of your research~ 
     Last Stage- (A week before)
    *Props for the performance