•  The students' lesson times are on a rotating schedule.  Their lesson day is the same, but their lesson time changes each week, so the students do not miss the same class period each week.  The lessons are small groups, and are grouped according to instrument, except for TJ, Birches, and Whitman to accommodate the 180 Reading schedule.  The students also meet once a week for the large ensemble or Band rehearsal with all the instruments.  Below is a list of the schools and the day in which I am at that building, along with my extension.
    Monday         TJ                      589-8248  ext  3457
    Tuesday         Bells                  589-8441  ext  3457
    Wednesday    Whitman          227-1103  ext  3457 
    Thursday        Wedgwood      227-8110  ext  3457
    Friday             Birches            232-1290   ext. 3457