• 2017 Class Limericks


    Mr. Yue's Class


    My feet can't stop moving, oh no!

    It hurts! I can't feel my big toe!

     I won't stop the dance. I have Ants in my pants,

     I think it's time to Dab on you, bro!



    Mr. Digennaro's, Ms. Fugaro's Class


    There’s tigers, there's cats, and there's bears.

    They can shed their hair ev'rywhere.

    They eat turnip fries, and then ev'ryone dies,

    Then the turnips will fly ev'rywhere!




    Ms. Ahn's Class


    My grandma fell into a whale,

    But she got mad and ate its tail,

    then she found her dad, she became really Rad,

    then she drank ginger ale with some kale.