• ROAD TO REVOLUTION Unit Vocabulary

    1. Parliament – Britain’s law making assembly, similar to the United States Congress

    2. representation- Having a voice or a say (citizens delegate authority to elected representatives)

    3. Stamp Act – Law that placed a tax on printed materials in the colonies.

    4. repeal – To cancel

    5.  liberty – The condition of being free from restriction or control; freedom

    6.  Sons of Liberty – Group that led protests against the Stamp Act.

    7. tariff –  A tax on imported goods.

    8 .Townshend Acts – tax passed by Great Britain on the colonists for goods such as glass, paint, paper, lead, and tea

    9. boycott – Refusal to buy goods or products.

    10.rebellion- Open and organized resistance

    11.intolerable – Impossible to tolerate or put up with; unbearable.

    12. Intolerable Acts – Harsh laws created by King George III that were imposed on the colonists, making it difficult for them to live, these laws included closing the Boston Harbor and allowing British soldiers to live in colonists’ homes.

    13. Patriots – Colonists who opposes, or were against, British rule.

     14.  Loyalists (Tories) – Colonists who remained loyal to King George and the British government.

    15.militias – Volunteer armies.

    16.minutemen – Colonial militia groups that could be ready to fight at a minute’s notice.

    17. American Revolution – War between the 13 American colonies and Great Britain from 1775-1783 in which the 13 Colonies won their independence and became the United States of America.