• Vocabulary for "A New Nation"

    1.  Articles of Confederation- first plan of government for the US, in effect from 1781 to 1789, which stated that the states would remain free and independent but would be joined in a “league of friendship,” not a strong central government.

    2.   delegate- a person who acts for or represents a larger group of people.

    3. US Constitution- our written plan of government, adopted in 1789

    4. Legislative branch- branch or part of the government that passes laws.

    5. Executive Branch- branch or part of the government, headed by the President, that carries out the laws.

    6. Judicial Branch- branch or part of the government that decides the meaning of laws.

    7. checks and balances – system set up by the Constitution that give s each branch of government the power to check, or limit, the power of the other branches.

    8. ratify- to approve something

    9. Federalist- Supporter of a strong national government and in favor of adopting of the Constitution.

    11. Antifederalist- People who were in opposition to the Constitution.

    12. amendment- An addition or change to the Constitution.

    13. Bill of Rights- the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

    14. political party- An organized group of people who share a view of what government should be and do.