•  Trans-Saharan Travel Poster & Guide:

    For this project you will produce a poster advertising your Trans-Saharan Travel Co. You will also include a travel that travelers would follow on their journey through the North Africa and the places we study.

    ·         With you partner, decide what is the name of your travel company?

    ·         How much will this trip cost?

    ·         What special locations or experiences will you offer that your competition is not?

    The Poster:

    The poster must contain at least one photo. The poster must also include three points of interest about what travelers will encounter on their journey. Remember, you want people to use your company so make it interesting.

    Your poster can either be on Microsoft Word, another program (let me know) or you can make a physical poster, your choice!


    The Guide:

    The guide must explain the major locations of your trip, and what  factors go into the Salt Trade: Where are we going? What are you trading? What are you trading for? Why are you trading? You will also need to include your top five essentials for the journey. These will include supplies and things to be aware of on your trip. The guide can be written or typed, your choice.


    Guide needs to be 2 pages, double spaced

    (Chapter 12)



    Answer this question on your own: What was the most significant factor in the development of West Africa?

    Each member of the partnership needs their own summary!