bill of loopholes
  • Every student will create a "smore" about one of the first 10 Amendments or the Bill of Rights.
    Everyone will pick the amendment of their choice. When you are done, post the link of your smore to our blackboard page, in the discussion board or email it to me. This is due on Febuary 17, 2017. 

    Click here for my example!

    Notice my example has: The amendment stated, its beneficiaries,

    a brief history about why it was put into place, the ratification date. 

    1. Create an account

    2. Pick any template you choose

    3. Change your colors, styles, backgrounds

    4. Type in your information

    5. Make sure to save

    6. Paste your link in an email or to blackboard----discussion titled S'more

    Here are two "how to" videos for Smore:

    Here is the link for Smore: