• This is due Thursday, the 19th of March

    Your last day to work on this will be Wednesday the 18th, in class.


    Each group of three has been assigned an amendment. Please complete the following items for your project.

    Each group will be responsible to:

    1.        _______Create a collage on the poster board provided explaining that Bill of Rights.
    •          The collage must have a title, and the name of the amendment.
    •          There must be a minimum of ten pictures or photos.
    •          Each member of the group must be able to explain why they chose to include a specific picture in their collage.
    1.        ______ Each Group will present their collage to the class, so prepare a few notes.

    Make sure you know when you amendment was adopted, its purpose, the people who created it, and why they needed to create it.


    1.        ______Each member of the group must find three current events that relate to their amendment.

    (a total of nine different current events from each group.

    The date range for the current events are: 1/2012-now)

    The poster board, glue, and scissors will be provided.

    1.        ________ After you are done this, pick five words, and create clues to have someone guess their definition.
    2.        Whiskey Rebellion
    3.        Due process defendant
    4.        The Great Compromise
    5.        North-West Ordinance  
    6.        Loose construction (hint, TCI page 211)
    7.        Strict rebellion (TCI 213)
    8.        Sedition


                   I am red white and blue.

                    I have stars and stripes.

                    I was created in 1777.

                          What am I?


    Have you done these four tasks? As you complete the items, check them off!