• Directions
    Use your book review graphic organizer to get you started on your book review rough draft!
    Remember to start off with a catchy hook and to not give away ALL of the details of the book. You want to the reader of the book review to want to read your book after seeing the review you gave it!
     Include the following:
    Introduction: catchy hook, introduce the book, setting, and characters 
    Paragraph 2: Summarize major plot points without giving away the ending! Basically, give me a summary! ( Use transition first, next, then...)
    Paragraph 3: Give your opinion of the book, tell who your favorite character is, who would you recommend the book to?  
    Give a short conclusion and you will have a well written book review!!! 
    Follow the link below to read a book review about a historical fiction book we will read in class!
     Follow the link below to read quick examples of book summaries about the I Survived book series, written by the author herself! 
    Follow the link below to hear a quick video review of an I Survive book with an excellent ending!