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    Soph HEALTH

     Introduction and Organization

    Review Questions and Answers, Abstinence

    Relationship skills

    Abuse-physical,mental, emotional

    Life skills

    Responsible decision making

    Contraceptives, Pregnancy Prevention Wkst.

    Preg. Prev. quiz, Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Group Research

    STD’s, What You Need To Know!!!, STD wkst, quiz


     HIV/AIDS wkst, HIV quiz,

    Guest Speaker, Dating Violence

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    SENIOR HEALTH 2014-15

    Mrs. Patterson Mr. Mount

    rpatterson@wtps.org gmount@wtps.org

    October 13-17 (1/2 day 10/16) HIV/AIDS

    October 20-24 HIV/AIDS wkst, HIV quiz, Organ and Tissue Donation

    October 27-31 Guest Speaker, Dating Violence

    November 3-7 (No School 4-7) In Service and NJEA Convention

    November 10-14(No School 11/11 Veteran’s Day) Review and Final

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    Displaying Health 12 syllabus.docx.