•  The Six Killer Apps 

    Competitive Advantages of Western Civilization 
    Day #1 Objective-Providing definitions (Renaissance), concepts and creating a knowledge base for further review.

    Basic Assumption-Western Civilization dominates globally through successful competition

    Task #1—view 6 Killer Apps Video and Review Sheet, online in forum, complete online ws.

    Task #2---view short video “Rise of the West & discuss in online forum on Coursesites.

    Task #3—view “The Renaissance Connection” online and complete online worksheet 

    Task #4---view The Renaissance and Reformation short PPT in PDF format online and take notes on video worksheet.

    Task #5---Read Renaissance and Reformation blog and respond to post #1 

    Task #6---complete online short quiz on Renaissance and Reformation in Coursesites to assess.

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    renaissance connection  
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