The Renaissance and Economics

  •  Medici

    Day 2:    Objective-Provide evidence of Renaissance as an Economic phenomena

    Basic Assumption- Renaissance was primarily an economic phenomena, with artistic achievements a byproduct of economic expansion
    Task #1---go to Annenberg site
    Students will read text through exploration and complete online Spice Trader Game
    Task #2---Students will answer open ended anticipatory question on the influence of economics on intellectual and artistic achievement and respond in online forum on Coursesites.
    Task#3---Students will respond to a variety of questions and analyze the results on Socrative in order to reveal the climate of opinion. (also acts as short quiz)
    Task#4---Students will build consensus on the importance of economics via classroom discussion  and agree on base for further study
    Task#5---View video "The Renaissance: Was it a Thing?" And discuss the thesis in class.