• Renaissance Artistic Triumphs

     Day 3: Objective-Review the artistic accomplishments of the Renaissance and place in historical perspective

    Basic Assumption-Renaissance Art was a by-product of economic expansion and an extension Classical Humanism

    Task #1—Go to Annenberg Interactive and complete last 2 topics:                                           http://www.learner.org/interactives/renaissance/exploration.html

    Task #2—Go to “The Renaissance Connection” http://www.renaissanceconnection.org/index2.cfmread and complete online worksheet

    Task #3---Go to “The Renaissance Art Interactive WebQuest                 http://fairbanksonline.net/Fairbanks_Online/Renaissance_Interactive.html and complete WS

    Task#4---Students will respond to a variety of questions and analyze results on Socrative in order to reveal the climate of opinion (also acts as a short quiz)

    Task #5—View Renaissance Art PPT in video format (Camtasia) & complete notes worksheet for homework

    Task #6—Students will read Renaissance and Reformation Blog post #3 and respond online in Coursesites.

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    Renaissance Connection