• Day 5: Objective—Complete review of Reformation, Scientific Revolution and link historical periods

    Basic Assumption---Renaissance informed Reformation, led to intellectual, expressive and human freedom that shaped the political, social and economic evolution of Western Civilization.

    Task#1---Students will complete review PPT in video form and complete WS

    Task#2---Students will complete Renaissance and Reformation blog and respond online 

    Task #3---Students will view video "The Scientific Revolution" and complete worksheet packet. 

    Task#3---Students will chart out links in World History from Renaissance to the present on interactive WS

    Task#4---Complete online exam on Renaissance and Reformation (2 attempts allowed) in Coursesites.

     Follow Up Activity--- Finding the Influences from the Renaissance/Reformation in Current Events.

    Find News Stories and prep to discuss in class, demonstrating content mastery and analytical ability