Preschool Curriculum Overview

  • In our preschool classes at GTECC, we follow the Tools of the Mind curriculum.  Our young students develop their cognitive and communication skills, as well as self-regulation and motor skills, all while having fun taking on roles, actions, and vocabulary in their play themes.  Through play, the young learners practice being speakers and listeners. Fine motor skills are developed through molding clay, painting, experiencing various textures, snipping and cutting, etcetera. Gross motor (large muscle) skills are practiced through dancing, exercising, moving about the classroom, and through time spent on the playground equipment. The preschoolers practice sharing and turn-taking, during Circle Time, Play Centers, Small Group work, and on the playground. Additionally, the children's social-emotional needs are always supported, through stories, play, game play, large and small group sharing, and through individual conversations.

    As the school year progresses, the children will learn letter names, practice hearing and writing some letter sounds, and make connections with stories we read. Each day we will practice math concepts such as rote counting, counting using one-to-one correspondence, graphing, and numeral recognition. Science and Social Studies concepts are integrated throughout the curriculum. Most importantly, we learn through having fun!

    As always, please contact me at any time about the curriculum, your child's progress, or anything that is on your mind.  I'll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.