The 2018 Spring Musical will be a...

    Bunker Hill 20th Anniversary

    Musical Extravaganza

    *if anyone is interested in working on a logo for our show, please go ahead. It would be used on the Tshirt, program, and all advertisement. You must use the exact wording above. Have fun! *the management reserves the right to reject your entry* 
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    check back here soon too!! I will be posting updates and cast list. You need to start learning your songs ASAP!
    *there will be an audition sign-up posted this week for any of your friends who would like to be a part of our show. You should not sign up if you've already auditioned!!
    Here is a playlist of songs you should check out!  Have fun!  I promise a full cast list is coming soon!
    BHMS 20th Extravaganza (Some of these are the full Broadway show and not exact to what your music will be.  Please refer to the sheet music you get from Mrs. Stanley)
    Hello Students! It's Wednesday, January 17th, and below you will find our Cast List and show!  Congratulations to everyone who auditioned, and thank you for your patience!  I hope that you will find the next few months to be really exciting, fun and musically rewarding!  You should use the playlist (posted above) to start practicing and memorizing all songs that you are in.  Feel free to print out the cast list info and highlight everything you are in.  Make sure you attend rehearsal when you are needed!!  This is important!  There will be a FULL CAST dance audition/meeting on Thursday, January 25th, after school.  Please plan to be there, wearing comfortable clothing and shoes.  I am very excited for you to start working on our show, and I can't WAIT to return and join you!  ~Ms D

    Hey Everyone!  It's Tuesday, January 30th, and I wanted to check in:

    Click here for video!


    Here are the two videos of you rehearsing the Seussical song.  You can use them to practice! 

    Seuss Rehearsal 1

    Seuss Rehearsal 2


    Here are tracks.  Practice with them and learn them well!  
    *If you are checking this tonight (Wednesday,)  Millie and Mermaid will be added tomorrow.  The disks are at school!  Sorry girls!  Everything else is here.  Download, save, transfer, whatever you do with your music so you can get it on your phone, computer, device, etc and listen to it and PRACTICE!  Great rehearsal today!  See you Thursday for DANCE (Noun Song.)  Practice it tonight so you are ready to go tomorrow.  Ms D :)