Wish List *UPDATED AUGUST 2018*

Wish List

    • TICONDEROGA pencils (*While their price tag may be slightly higher than other brands, they truly are worth the investment as they last longer and erase properly!)


    • Boxes of THIN washable CRAYOLA markers


    • Short, BLACK ankle socks or mittens (*To be used as dry erase board erasers!)


    • Black, fine-tip (skinny) EXPO markers (*We kindly request your attention to the brand, as the "off brand" dry erase markers typically do not erase properly and ruin our students' dry erase boards! YIKES!)


    • Letter-sized envelopes


    • Stickers (*Second Graders will be writing "Sticker Stories" in our "Free-Write" Center and are in need stickers to create illustrations that inspire their pieces! We are looking for stickers of people, animals, things, etc.)


    • Magnifying glasses & flashlights (*We hope to obtain these fun tools and use them for some silly reading activities! Both items can typically be found at the Dollar Tree!)


    • AAA Batteries (*We have lots of fun learning tools that run on batteries, which can burn out quickly! Boxes of 6-10 batteries can typically be found at the Dollar Tree!)


    • Board Games/Toys/Coloring Books (*They can be new or gently used/previously loved! These fun games/activities will help make those rainy, indoor recess kinds of days all the more fun!)