Mystery Reader

Mystery Reader

    If you have signed up to be a Mystery Reader, thank you!
    We are very excited to have you in our classroom.
    Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for your visit:
    • Please arrive at the main office and check in with our secretaries just prior to your 2:25pm reading time slot.  They will call down to our room to announce your arrival, before directing to our room.
    • When you arrive at our classroom door, stand off to the side and knock. We still will most likely be trying to guess your identity, so try not to peek through the door's window!
    • You may bring/read any book you wish! Just keep in mind that children typically LOVE books with bright, colorful pictures :) and there is a 15-minute time frame in which we must adhere to.
    • It's very helpful to hold the book out to your side while you read, so that the students can see the pictures while listening.
    • During the story, you can ask questions, have students make predictions, or talk to them. They love that!
    • After the story, many times they like to ask you questions about the book or tell you their own personal connections.
    • Most importantly, it is a SECRET! Don't tell your child when you are coming to read. I promise you, the look on their face when you surprise them is worth keeping the secret! :)