• Creating Proper Practicing Habits Practicing

    What is practicing? – Practicing is what we musicians do so we can improve our sound and learn more difficult techniques. 

    What is the difference between practicing and playing? – Many people do not know the difference between playing their instrument and practicing.  Many music students think that simply playing a song over and over a few times is practicing.  That is not correct, what that student is actually doing is just playing their instrument for a while.

    Real practicing means reviewing the difficult parts of a piece of music.  Why play the whole piece of music if only a few specific notes are giving you trouble?  Good practicing takes energy focus.  You have to take out your imaginary magnifying glass and zoom in on the parts that are difficult for you.  Once you can do that practicing becomes much more effective and you will improve very quickly

    When and where should I practice? – That is completely up to you!  If you what to practice in the morning, go for it.  If you want to practice after dinner or homework, do it.  The important thing is that you make practicing a routine activity.  Just like brushing your teeth or doing homework if you make practicing a routine it will become a permanent habit.

    If you follow these guidelines I know you can improve your sound and become the best musician you can be!