• Declaration of Independence Internet Scavenger Hunt WebQuest

    Directions: Use the links provided to answer the questions on lined paper. 

    Use this link to answer questions 1-3:


    1. Who appointed the committee of men to write the Declaration of Independence?
    1. Name the five men who wrote the Declaration of Independence: 
    1. ___________________________ wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.

    Use this link to answer questions 4 and 5:


    1. What was the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence? 
    2. ____________ people signed the Declaration of Independence.
    1. Which state chose not to vote on accepting the Declaration of Independence?
    2. Write down one “Fun Fact” about the Declaration.

    Use this link to answer questions 8-14: http://www.watertown.k12.ma.us/cunniff/americanhistorycentral/08warofindependence/Writing_the_De.html

    1. The Declaration of Independence has _________ parts.
    2. The first part is called the __________________.
    3. This tells ____________________________________________________________________
    4. The second part of the Declaration of Independence lists __________________________________________________________________________________.
    5. Name the three rights that all people should have.
    6. The third and longest part of the Declaration was complaints against the ______________________ and ___________________________.
    7. The fourth part of the Declaration of Independence states that the 13 colonies are __________________________________________________.

    Use this link to answer question 15: http://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/declaration-of-independence/videos

    1. Write down 2 fun facts about the Declaration of Independence.


    16. Use the above website to create a timeline of the 5 events you believe had the greatest role in shaping American independence. These events should fall between 1763 and 1783. Create a timeline a separate sheet of paper, describe in one sentence how EACH event shaped American independence. For example: 1760- the ascension of King George to the throne shaped American independence because he was the monarch who tightened control on the colonies, causing them to rebel.