• Seventy-Two 5th Grade Writing Prompts


    1.   My best day ever

    2.  Recycling is important because…

    3.  My greatest accomplishment

    4.  If I lived in a different country

    5.  What would it be like to be a foreign exchange student?

    6.  Once, I was worried about trying __________, but afterward _________

    7.   Something I’d be scared to try

    8.  If I could live in any different century…

    9.  I’m happy I’m an only child/older child/younger child because…

    10.       The best book I ever read

    11.         If I was the president, I would ______

    12.        I think high school will be like

    13.        If I could drive, I would go…

    14.        The science fair

    15.         An awesome invention

    16.         The homework machine

    17.         The best grade I ever got

    18.       My favorite thing on the Internet

    19.           People should…

    20.      Getting ready for middle school

    21.             What I like about my neighborhood

    22.      Getting lost in an invisible maze

    23.      Finding a cave inside a tree

    24.      The best thing to do on Halloween

    25.       Good sportsmanship

    26.      Traveling inside a volcano

    27.       A trip to the museum

    28.      A message in a bottle

    29.      Creating a new recipe

    30.      Living on a 5-star island resort

    31.             Building an underground base

    32.      If I had a radio talk show

    33.      Donating to charity is important because…

    34.      The benefits of a water-powered or electric engines

    35.       Planting trees

    36.      Silly hats

    37.       Getting lost in the mall

    38.      Spinning in a tornado

    39.      Tightrope walking

    40.      If I could visit any historical landmark…

    41.        The time I was most scared

    42.      The funniest thing that ever happened to me

    43.      The best advice I ever received

    44.      The most influential person in my life

    45.       I was surprised when __________

    46.      Journaling is important because…

    47.       A month with no computers

    48.      My biggest goal

    49.      Trying out for a team

    50.      The best kind of weather is…

    51.         Something I could never lose

    52.       In ten years, I will ____________

    53.       My dream job

    54.       Who should win the election

    55.       My favorite way to learn

    56.       If they made a movie about my life, ______ would play me

    57.       Living in an underground city…

    58.      My favorite author

    59.       If I could do one thing to make the world a better place, I would…

    60.      Trying new things is…

    61.        Remembering dreams

    62.      When I need a quiet place, I go ______

    63.      If I had a day to spend doing anything I wanted, I would ________

    64.      If I was going on vacation, would I take a car, plane, train, boat, or    _______?

    65.       Uniforms at school are good or bad because…

    66.      Could my family live without a car, and take bikes or walk places?

    67.       What would happen if I saw a friend cheating on a test?

    68.      If I was famous for something, it would be…

    69.      A good neighbor is someone who…

    70.       The best way to study is…

    71.        I can’t wait until I’m old enough to…

    72.       If I could volunteer somewhere, I would _________