• PE Information

    1. Sneakers should be worn in Physical Education class for safety purposes.

    2. Jewelry (especially hoops or dangling earrings) should be removed before participating in Physical Education. With younger children it is recommended that jewelry not be worn on their Physical Education days.

    3. Students with newly pierced ears must have a note from a parent or guardian explaining that the earrings cannot be removed. If earrings must be worn due to medical reasons, it is recommended that posts be worn instead of hoops.

    4. A parent or guardian note will excuse a student for one Physical Education class. A Doctor must excuse a student for extended medical conditions. The Doctor must also give a return date for that student. All medical notes should be given to the school nurse.

    5. Students who are unprepared or wearing jewelry may have their participation restricted in Physical Education activities.

    If we follow these procedures, Physical Education will be both a safe and enjoyable experience.