• FTN2016

    WTPS District Technology Night

    February 6, 2018

    Washington Township High School 
    HS Core Cafe C-D

    Grades K-5
    Birches Elementary School       Whitman Elementary School
    Mrs. Nicole Strate                          Mrs. Dawn Heil


    The Computer Science Fundamentals curriculum is implemented within Code Studio, Code.org's online coding platform. By the end of each course, students can create interactive games or stories that they can share with anyone.

    The courses are flexible so educators can tailor them to their class based on their students’ developmental level and prior experience. The lessons align to CSTA Computer Science Standards , ISTE standards , and reinforce concepts and skills taught in other subject areas by integrating national Math , English Language Arts , and Science standards.
    Course  1
    Ages 4-6
    Course  2
    Ages 6+
    Course  3
    Ages 8+
    Course  4
    Ages 10+

    ·   Early-readers

    ·   Sequences

    ·   Loops and events

    ·   Meaningful collaboration with others

    ·   Problem-solving and perseverance techniques

    ·   Internet safety


    ·   Beginner readers

    ·   Conditionals

    ·   Algorithms

    ·   Binary code

    ·   Debugging

    ·   Societal impacts of computing


    ·   Prereq Course 2

    ·   Problem decomposition

    ·   Functions

    ·   Nested loops and conditionals

    ·   Digital citizenship

    ·   Internet transmission methods


    ·   Prereq Course 3

    ·   Algorithmic problem solving

    ·   Abstraction

    ·   Variables

    ·   For Loops

    ·   Functions with Parameters

    ·   Binary code





    5th Grade Demo